HIV/Aids Prevention worker dismissed for marrying


Daw Tluang Cawi Iang, a woman has been dismissed as a worker forthe HIV/Aids Prevention progamme in Thantlang town, Chin state, because she got married in the last week of November 2011.
“Thereis no rule stating one has to be unmarried to work here. I had worked for only three months and I have not realized the money I paid as bribe to get this job,” she said.

However, she did not tell Khonumthung News about how much she paid as bribe and what her salary was.

It is learnt that after she was dismissed, another house wife was recruited in the vacant post by the Chairman.

“The reason may be the Chairman wanted to give the post to the other woman,”said a relative of Daw Tluang Cawi Iang. Khonumthung News.


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