Historical Chin-Lusei conference held in Manipur


The historical Zo (Chin) tribe conference called the Chin-Lusei 123rd meeting was held at Kholmun playground in Churachanpur, Manipur northeast state of India on 29 and 30 January 2015.

It was organized by Zo Reunification Organization (ZoRO) and theme of the memorial conference was “Ethnic Zo People’s Solidarity”.

A local report said that different tribes of Zo (Chin) had sent each of their representatives and they had meaningful discussions about their historical facts and events, and how all Zo tribes could live together under undivided rule.

Though Zo tribes have been living together from their ancestors’ time, they were separated after the British colonized India (Lusei hill) and Myanmar (Chin hill) from 1890.

The conference, adopted a resolution to make all tribes come together under one rule just as it was before colonisation. The conference was started in 1892 on 29 January at Fort William, Calcutta city in India.


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