Health assistants required for Chin refugees in Mizoram jungle


Health assistants are required for those staying in the Indo-Burma jungle border area after being driven out from their village by Mizoram’s local people.

“It is raining heavily in the jungle where Chin refugees are staying. They are falling sick. Mostly, the kids are falling sick, so, they need health assistants,” said a local from the Indo-Burma border.

Around 70 Chin refugees not included in the voter’s list in Saikhumphai village of Champhai district, Mizoram of northeast India were driven out on January 2012 by local people and Vaphai village authorities.

Now, the Chin refugees are staying in the jungle near Saikhumphai village of the Indo- Burma border.

“They can stay with their families at night, but they cannot eat dinner together because some members try to find food.

They are staying in temporary tents,” said a village elder from Saikhumphai.

The Chin refugees are staying for two months in the jungle and have not been able to shift to other places till date, said Pu The.

“We do not know how to solve our problem to shift to a suitable place. We will stay in the jungle. The rains started recently. It is clear that we cannot move to other places at the moment,” said Pu The.

It is learnt that the refugees were being given some medicines, two bags of rice and some vegetables by an NGO of Saikhumphai village.

Most Chin refugees who were staying in Mizoram are from Chin state, Burma and fled due to economic crisis in the state. The Mizoram government says that around one lakh Chin refugees are staying in its state. Khonumthung news


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