Head of township municipal opposes allotted land for flood victims in Laizo village


Head of Falam township municipal, U Hlawn Sa Vung had opposed on the allotted land to occupy by Flood victims in Thanral, Myout, Baila and Kalrawl villages, under Laizo village tract group.


“We had already cleaned the forest to occupy, to shift from our old damaged villages, by the order of District and Township Administration group. But on the two day of cleaning the land, the head of township Municipal opposed the order and now we don’t know what to do,” said a member of village tract group displacement.


A report said that U Hlawn Sa Vung had called three headmen from those four villages and he told them that the allotted land for them was already allotted under the project of new town planning.


“The new land is already reserved for building new town. If you are shifted on that location, no rich men in Yangon and Mandalay will interest it. We had explained him about we cannot avoid to do it, as we had faced sever natural disaster. We have no choice and our present condition is more important than those rich men. But he can’t accept it and we cannot made any final decision on it,” he added.


Meanwhile, a local of Laizo village said that head of Municipal was not honest in this matter from my view point. Because, he had already selected a good land area, agreement with the rich men in Falam town and others to construct buildings for his own business.


The allotted land is located between Lungpi and Zahlai village. In the month of July 2015, the natural disaster caused to destroy about 20 villages in Falam township.


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