HBO releases the finding report of election in Chin state


The election watch group called Horn Bill Organization (HBO) has released the fact finding report of 2015 general election in Chin state on 5th December and it mentioned that only 99764 out of 273000 voters were eligible to vote in Chin state.

It also highlighted that the awareness of voting education, rules and regulation from Union Election Commission were very weak at the level of village to block in most areas.

“Most of the people were not aware of how to vote or why to vote in election. When the political parties campaign for the election, the people didn’t know why they have to vote for this party and didn’t know the value of the right to vote. It’s not only happened in Chin state, but also happened in other states and regions,” said U Chhanlian, director of Horn Bill Organization.

The report said that there were some mistakes on voters list prepared by block and village level of sub-election commissions, voting booths were not secure enough and outsiders were involved during the voting, and the rate of security for the voters on their voting at the booth is 55.1 percentages generally.

Horn Bill Organization will release again the final fact finding report on 2015 general election in the last week of December 2015. The organization was established in 2010 to empower local community organizations and to enlighten government in political affairs.


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