Hakha’s First COVID-19 Patient Recovers


The first COVID-19 patient in Hakha recovered and was sent home from the hospital yesterday. Pau Lum Ming Thang, the Chin State Health and Social Affairs minister, told Khonumthung News that the patient is known as Case 150 “is healthy” and tested negative for the virus.

After being discharged from the hospital, she will have to stay in a government facility for a week and then home quarantine for another seven days, the minister said.

Case 150 stayed in a facility quarantine after returning from China. According to the Ministry of Health and Sports, her test came back positive on April 29. When the patient tested negative twice she was allowed to leave the hospital.

Fifty-two people who had a contract with Case 150 were also quarantined, and they all tested negative on May 4.

Pau Lum Ming Thang told Khonumthung News that Case-31, who is receiving medical treatment in the hospital in Tedim, tested negative for the first time.

“We will send her swabs again to the NHL (National Health Laboratory) tomorrow and if her tests come back negative the second time she’ll also be discharged from the hospital.” But like Case 150, after she leaves the hospital she will need to quarantine in a government facility and home for a period of two weeks, he explained.

There are six confirmed cases in Chin State, including Burma’s first confirmed coronavirus infection. He has since recovered and left the Tedim hospital on April 30. Currently, there are four active cases in Chin State. In Burma, there are 181 confirmed cases across the country, while 79 have recovered and 6 died.


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