Hakha’s Election Commission Discusses Electoral Issues With Local Civil Society


The Hakha Township Election Commission and Hakha-based civil society organizations (CSOs) held a meeting in Hakha, Chin State on Monday to discuss election matters, like inclusion and accessibility regarding voting.

Civil society representatives recommended setting up a hotline directly connected to local election commission offices and suggested posting a list of eligible voters online.

“It’s important that people know if their name is on the eligible voter list,” Lin Kyaw, the secretary of the Chin State Election Commission told Khonumthung News. “We also discussed how we can cooperate with media groups and local CSOs. It’s also important how we can put missing voter names on the eligible voter list.”

In the meeting, it was reportedly agreed that voter education would be undertaken for locals throughout Chin State.

According to statistics provided by the Hakha District election commission, there are 72,450 eligible voters in Hakha and Thantlang Townships as of June 30.

There are 39,412 eligible voters in Falam District, 30,237 eligible voters in Mindat District and 103,710 eligible voters in Matupi District.

“We will try our best for people to be able to vote in the coming general election. Voting is a citizen’s right,” Talar Keio, chair of the Hakha Township Election Commission, said. “We want to say that people must vote in the coming election for our country and our ethnic group.”

The Union Election Commission announced that the 2020 general election will take place on November 8.


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