Hakha faces possible food shortages


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Because of heavy rains in Hakha have triggered landslides and caused many houses to collapse, blocking roads and leading to concerns of possible food shortages in the Chin State capital in northwestern Burma.  Jacob Thang, Chairman of Chin Youth Group said that the roads connecting Thanthlang, Falam, Matupi and Ganggaw with Hakha are blocking and we cannot take any foods from outside Hakha, capital of Chin state.

“As most of the Chin people are staying with their relatives for unwanted calamities, so many households have 15 to 20 guests and they cannot feed for them as their foods stocks were gone within a week. Therefore, many can face a total food shortage in Hakha soon,” he added.


Four blocks out of six blocks in Hakha faced landslides and 613 houses had destroyed by heavy rain recently, other two blocks can face possible landslide if the rain will continue as usual. Now 11 relief centers are opening in Hakha and 6673 people are displaced to safer area.


“People are worried for their tomorrow. Government had provided only 100 bags of rice out 500 bags to the victims of severe natural disaster in Hakha, though Dr. Ba Maung, Minister of Social Welfare, reported that military had provided 500 bags of rice to the prople,” said Ko Jacob Thang.


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