Govt Requests ‘Stay at Home’ Order for Tedim Township


After twenty-two people without travel history tested positive in Tedim Township, the Chin State Social Welfare minister requested for the Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19 to impose a ‘stay at home’ order in the township.

Minister Pau Lung Min Thang said because the cases are domestic, quick action is necessary to prevent further outbreaks, requesting the order to come into effect within the next 24-hours.

Since January 11, there have been 26 cases found in the state. Among the 4 transmissions discovered in other regions is a woman who returned to Tongzang Township from Tedim. Two tested positive in Falam Township and one in Thangtlang Township. Falam and  Tongzang border with Tedim Township, and Thangtlang borders with Falam Township.

Currently, forty-one COVID-19 patients are receiving treatment at Tedim Public Hospital. Six were discharged this Tuesday, January 12.

The Chin State Public Health Department is asking citizens to follow preventive health guidelines, and to get a checkup if feeling tired, sick, suffering from a cough, experiencing a sore throat or congested chest.

Since one of the first cases in Burma was discovered in Tedim Township in late March, 2020, a total of 336 cases have been detected in Chin State. Three people have died from the disease in the state.

In Burma, there’s been 131, 737 cases, while 115, 061 have recovered and 2,878 have died.


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