Gov’t Announces Plans To Improve Connectivity For Southern Chin State


As part of an initiative to improve communications for southern Chin State, the Union government has announced plans to build nine cellular towers in Kanpetlet township.

Within the first three months of this year, nineteen mobile communication stations are planned with funds provided by cellular providers, said Thar Oo, deputy minister for Chin State Transportation and Communication in Chin State.

There are several obstacles for implementing the mobile stations in the countryside, the deputy minister said. Roadways are poor and steep mountain ranges will make the construction difficult. In some areas, there isn’t electricity.

Education, health care, economic and social development is lagging behind the rest of the country because cellular connectivity in Kanpetlet township is very bad, said Maner Shin.

“Communication is really important. It’s essential for politics, economic, education and health care. Yet, we can’t use mobile phones in remote areas.” He wondered if the new towers the government will construct are really going to make a difference. In downtown Kanpetlet, there are cellular towers but the phone service is still not good, Maner Shin said.


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