Government will open other border trade offices



The fourth Indo-Myanmar border trade office has to be opened in Paletwa and Mariah Wa town, Chin state for transportation and goods inspection.

The state run newspaper said that the government has already opened border trade offices in Tamu, Sagaing region and Rihkhawdar, Thantlang in Chin state. Now for the fourth time, two offices will be opened in Paletwa, southern Chin state.

A border trade office in Mariah Wa village, 122 miles from Paletwa town, is being constructed and is to be inaugurated by One Stop Service (OSS) that includes the Directorate of Trade and Commerce Department, Transportation Department, Taxation Department, Myanmar Foreign Trading Bank, Myanmar Investment and Trading Bank.

Meanwhile, road construction between Paletwa town and Mariah Wa village has been initiated by Max Myanmar Com. Ltd. and IRCON (Indian Railway Construction Company Limited).

After the project is completed, Myanmar government will take responsibility of the administration and management. The Indian Government has demanded 2.5 per cent for transporting goods, the newspaper said.

The construction cost of border trade office will be about Rs 5700 lakhs and location area will be about one lakh square kilometers.


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