Government rejects demand not to divide Paletwa


The demand of local people in Paletwa Township, Chin state, Burma not to demarcate Sami sub-Township areas from Paletwa on July 9, 2012 has been rejected by the central government.

About 1627 square miles of 3176 will be separated from Paletwa Township for the Sami sub-Township. Paletwa areas will have only 1500 square miles left. So, a letter of complaint was submitted to the Centre not to divide Paletwa for the new sub-township.

The proposal to have the new sub-township was submitted to the central government through the Chin state government by a representative of the Paletwa Township No. 12 constituency and by Salai Khawi Yan, Amyota Hluttaw representatives of the Union Solidarity and Development Party.

An appeal was sent to U Thein Sein, President of the new Burmese government not to divide Paletwa along with 2254 signatures of local people.

Salai Khawi Yan told Khumi News Group that he has acted according to article (54) of the Burmese constitution in keeping with the local people’s requirement.

“I do not want to complain on the sub-township issue, but I don’t want division of Paletwa. I do not know when (the government) included our areas in Sami sub-township” said a local.

Salai Khawi Yan told Khumi News that the proposal for Sami sub-township was submitted during the Burmese military government era.

“The new government has to function in a democratic system. Public opinion should be respected on any public issue,” said a local.

The creation of Sami sub-township was announced officially as a new sub-township of Chin state on 31 July 2012 even though local people protested.


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