Government departments of Chin state inspected by CM


Government departments in Hakha and Than Tlang town, Chin state, Burma were inspected by the Chief Minister to check on corruption among departmental staff in the town hall on 29 September.

Mr. Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of the state invited community elders from Hakha and departmental authorities to attend and inspected departmental work after a corruption complaint was lodged with the Chief Minister in the session of the Chin National Party’s (CNP) representatives on 21 September.

The CNP leaders from Hakha told Khonumthung that the government should be clean and there should be good governance so, a motion was submitted regarding collecting money illegally from the public by government department officials. The complaint was submitted to the Chief Minister and a copy was sent to the central government.

The CNP motion urged Mr. Hung Ngai to scrutinize the work of the state government authorities in the Departments of Taxation, Municipality, Electricity and Road and Transportation, which has been collecting money from local people. The party motion also suggested that Khaini, Raja and OB alcohols be prohibited in the state.

The CNP stated that the government authorities collect 20,000 Kyats from the people of the 17 point tax exemption application, and then 2,000 Kyats for monthly document keeping fee in the office. About 6,000 Kyats was collected by the Municipality for electricity bill for roads in the town and garbage collecting fees for every household.

“The Municipality authorities told the Chief Minister that the department does not collect money for road electricity bills, and it will inspect for any illegal collection of money, ” said a government servant from Than Tlang.

The Chief Minister instructed school teachers not to collect firewood fee from students and he told the taxation department to collect 200000 Kyats for the 17-point taxation exemption application.

The Chief Minister declared that the people will be given 5000 to 10000 Kyats for reporting those importing Khaini, Raja and ninety two which is a mixture of betel quid, illegally.

The Chief Minister conducted the first meeting with local peple for transparency and there are positive signs the government was beginning to function like a democracy, but departmental authorities and local people were directed by Mr. Hung Ngai as would a military government.  Khonumthung news


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