Funds collected for football tournament in Matupi


A football tournament is being held with funds collected from local people by the authorities of Matupi, the second capital of Chin state, Burma for its township administration trophy as of 15 October 2012.

Eighteen footballers each from Cangbawng, Khoboi, Lawngvan block of Matupi, Laymyo football club, the Education Department club, the Combination Department club, and football teams from Phaneng and Ngaleng villages participated in the tournament, said a local.

“About 60,000 Kyats as food charges for the footballers and 8,000 Kyats for the football team’s uniforms were collected from local people by the authorities, while 20,000 Kyats were paid to the authorities by every football team as membership fees,” said a local.

A football committee was formed with U Risum Khiang, Township administrator, U Peng Tun, United Solidarity and Development Party member, Director of Matupi Sports Department. The authorities set up a security committee with the block’s reserve firemen.

Local people are unhappy about holding the football tournament by collecting money from the people.

“We (from Ngala Block of Matupi) could not participate in the tournament because we could not afford to pay the money demanded,” said a local from Ngala block.

The tournament began on Monday this week and the final match will be played Tuesday next week.


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