Four stores robbed in Chin capital


In a spate of well synchronised robberies, unidentified men robbed four stores in Hakha, Chin capital, earlier this month.

Goods worth a total of 50,000 Kyat were burgled from Pu Ram Cung’s store located at Sakta Road, New Market, Hakha on November 3, 2012.

Meanwhile on the night of November 5, goods from the shops of Pu Pa Awm, Pu Run Cer and Pu Kawng Luai were stolen by unidentified men, according to locals.

“Although robberies have occurred and goods have been stolen, we do not know whether the store owners will file cases about their losses and inform the authorities,” a young man from Hakha said.

Money to the tune of one lakh Kyats was stolen from Pi Dawt Nu, who had been admitted to the Civil Hospital at Hakha on August 26, 2012. Two motorcycles and mobile phones were also stolen by unidentified people on August 29, in Hakha.

In a similar incident, the thieves have also stolen from five stores of Than Tlang, around 20 miles away from the state capital, on October 19, 2012. The local people have estimated that goods worth five lakh kyats have been stolen.

The local authorities have been unable to identify the culprits of the various burglaries, except those which took place on August 26 and August 29 respectively.


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