Four New Cases of COVID-19 Detected in Kalay


Authorities discovered four more cases of COVID-19 in Thazin and Taung Thitsa wards in Kalay, bringing the total detected in the town, located in Sagaing Region, to 47 infections.

“One person, who lives in Taung Thitsa ward, lost his sense of smell and came to the hospital,” Nyi Nyi, in charge of the Information and Public Relations Department for Kalay District, told Khonumthung News.

It’s unclear how the forty-year-old became infected.

Three males ages 29, 33 and 49 from Thazin ward also tested positive. Their families are in quarantine.

Despite the rising cases, authorities have no plan to lock down all of Kalay. Instead, travel towards with known transmissions has been restricted and ‘stay at home orders’ have been implemented in some of the areas that are affected.

Most of those infected are receiving medical treatment at the Herbal Medical Hospital. But the recent transmissions were sent to a new facility that just opened.

“We sent the four cases to our new COVID-19 center, which is located among public housing,” said Nyi Nyi. Doctors and nurses from Kalay Public Hospital have been sent to help them, he said, but so far everyone’s health is “fine.”

On November 2, health officials detected 15 new cases of COVID-19 in a quarantine facility in Kalay Public Hospital.

The Ministry of Health and Sports reported 56,968 confirmed cases in Burma on November 5, while 1,352 have died and 42,178 have recovered.


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