Four dead six injured in accident




A motor brick carrier, driven by Tinceu met with an accident enroute between Vansang, Thantlang town and Surbung village in Chin state at 3 pm on 2 April. Four persons died on the spot and six were injured among 12 passengers.


The dead were identified as (I) Sui I (59) (primary teacher) (2) Pi Hoi Hlawn (45)  (Lunglei hospital nurse) (3) Pa Hellen (18) (4) U Win Naing (38) (Alhpa & Omega company). The injured are (1) Pu Than Heng (71) (Thangzang) (2) Tial Dim Thluai (20) (Thangzang) (3) Pa Van Lian Hum (6) (Thangzang) (4) Pa Tha Ceu Kam (9)  (Thanzang) (5) Nu Ngun Cer Chin (18) (Sihhmuh) and (6) Pu No Mang.

The vehicle was hired by I Love Chinland Company to help in the construction of a school building in Sihmuh village, Thantlang town. It slid 50 feet from the road while carrying bricks and 12 people.


One of the passengers said that, although they had asked the driver not to drive in a drunken state he refused to listen leading to the accident.


The driver is in custody of the local police station. The accident took place in the liberated area of Chin National Front. The road is being widened under a project of the government.


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