Forty lakh Kyats collected by headmaster as examination fees


Students of the tenth standard of Lailenpi High School of Matupi Township, Chin state, Burma had to cough up 25,000 Kyats each as examination fees for the 2012 academic year to Mr. Khin Maung Thein, headmaster of Lailenpi.

“Around 40 lakh Kyats were collected from 160 students as examination fees this year. Now, the headmaster is on leave and left for central Burma his native place,” said a teacher from Lailenpi.

Similarly, the headmaster has been collecting 1,50,000 Kyats from every student of Sabawngte, Hlung Mang and Lung Cawite villages of Matupi Township for the school and as other school facilities fees.

“The money collection issue was reported to the Director of Education of Chin state, but it is uncertain whether the authorities will take any action, ” said a departmental employee.

Collecting taxes has not been permitted to the authorities of divisions and states of the country on the basis of Chapter 254 of the 2008 Burmese constitution. The constitution does not mention about educational taxes in article (5) of its state constitution. Khonumthung news


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