Former a Chin signer dies in Rangoon hospital


Mrs. Far Meng (42), daughter of Pu Thang Heng and Pi Tum Ci died in Victoria hospital of Rangoon, the capital of Myanmar on 23 June at 2:45 Pm local standard time.

Mrs. Far Meng, who sang in Deirel studio of Hakha, the capital of Chin state was popular between 1985 and 1986 singing Chin songs. She is the fourth daughter of Pu Thang Heng.

“She died of heart disease although she was treated for a month in the Victoria hospital. The body is in the hospital and will be carried to Chin state,” said Salai That Cin Thang from Rangoon.

Mrs. Far Meng was married to a Finland national and staying in her own home in Yankin Township of Rangoon.

She was popular with “Miphun le Ramca, Kantuan cio lai and Acelh kacelh lo” albums. These three albums were composed by Salai Tial Awi, one of the most popular Chin song composers.

However, Mrs. Par Meng did not get an opportunity to create more albums due to her financial problems. But she will remain in the hearts of Chin people with these three albums.


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