Flood affects 8000 people in Kalaymyo


Kalay flood


A report said that there are about 8000 people affected by the flood in Kalaymyo, Sagaing region, Myanmar because of heavy rain from last month.  As per the record of Kalaymyo Relief group, the most affected areas are Nyainepinta, Aungmingala, Mingalayin, Aungmiman and Aungthisa villages, and 7708 people in other 30 villages were also displaced to safety area.

Currently, there are five relief centers in Kalaymyo in order to help the people who are affected by the severe weather and flood with local community groups and Kanbawza Bank.


The locals said that flood in Kalaymyo is one of the worst floods after 1997 in Kalaymyo.


The flood destroyed many cultivation areas and bridges.


“We had cultivated rice in the last week of July, but now all are gone, because of flood,” said a local in Pintawu village.


At the mean time, many people also lost their properties by flood as Ko Phuta said, “We lost all of our properties as our home has sunk in the flood.”


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