Five ethnic parties urge the government for ceasefire


5 August 2011: Five ethnic political parties have urged the government of Burma yesterday to bring about a ceasefire between ethnic armed groups and the Burmese Army.

A statement was issued by the five brotherhood ethnic political parties after a meeting in Rangoon, former capital of Burma on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The five ethnic brotherhood comprise Phalon-Sawaw the Karen ethnics, the Chin National Party, the All Mon Region Democracy Party, Rakhine Nationalities Development Party and Shan Nationalities Democratic Party.

“There is no peace in our areas. We cannot remain silent when there is war in the state. So the statement was issued ” said Mr. Zo Zam.

Meanwhile, an open letter on ceasefire was sent to Mr. Thein Sein, the President of Burma by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of National League for Democracy on July.

The five ethnic political parties also urged the new government of Burma to form a peace commission last month. The understanding will be important for ceasefire, said Mr. Zo Zam, the President of Chin National Party.

The statement of five parties stated that a workshop should be conducted by the government with the five brotherhood ethnic political parties, influential persons, and experts.

“The war was not helping either side but affecting the people directly, so we want to have a mandate for peace in the country. So we urge the government to start a peace process, said Mr. Za Zam.

The five ethnic political parties also uged international communities and Non- governemental Organization and the government of Burma to provide assistance  to refugees following the fightng between the government and ethnic arm groups.

The people who fled to neighbouring countries after the fighting as refugees are from Kachin, Shan, Karen and Karenni state of Burma. – Khonumthung News.


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