Federation Chambers of Commerce set up in Chin state


A Federation Chambers of Commerce (FCC) was set up in Hakha’s district office of Chin state, Myanmar led by Pu Ram Mang, Minister of Planning and Economics on 27 May 2013.

The FCC was formed following the setting up of an Economic Zone established by Major Aung Win, Deputy Director of the Department of Border trade Ministry of Myanmar government on 1 April 2013.

The 15 FCC members were selected from Hakha, Falam and Than Tlang Township. The FCC members are,

(1) Pu Van Hu, Chairman (Hakha)

(2) Pu Hrang Lawm Thang, Vice Chairman (Falam)

(3) Pu Van Nawl, Vice Chairman (Thantlang)

(4) Pu Ci Han, General Secretary (Hakha)

(5) Pu Ngun Peng, AGS (Thantlang)

(6) Pu Za He, AGS (Falam)

(7) Pu Thawng Vung, Ngunkeng (Hakha)

(8) Pu Ba Su Det, Ngunkeng bawmtu (Falam)

(9) Pi Biak Chin Sung, a bawmtu (Thantlang)

(10) Pu Khual Qhum, Auditor (Falam)

(11) Pu Hmun Thang, A bawmtu (Thantlang)

(12) Pu Chum Ling, A bawmtu (Hakha)

(13) Pu Ram Cung, Chungtel (Hakha)

14) Pu Hlawng Hre Lian Chungtel (Falam)

(15) Pu Ram To, Chungtel (Thantlang)

“We did not draft specific work planning. The group will apply for a member of “Union of Myanmar Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industry” said a member of FCC.

The report said that the border trade gate will be opened in Than Tlang Town and now the group is preparing for the gate opening.

The Indo-Myanmar border trade gates were set up in Tamu- Moreh road and Champhai- Rih Khaw Dar by the two countries. Now the third Indo- Myanmar trade road will be opened by the two sides.

The latest Indo-Myanmar trade road will pass Falam, Hakha, and Than Tlang Towns of Chin state to Mizoram state, Northeast India.


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