Farmer seriously injured in attack by wild bear


A farmer from Lawngvan block of Matupi, southern Chin state, Burma was seriously injured after being attacked by a wild bear in the jungle, while he was searching for elephant foot yam tubers on 20 March.

Pu Kheng Hung (45) left with his wife for Tangku village around 30 miles from Matupi to find elephant foot yam tubers. The attack took place in the jungle. His parents-in –law had accompanied him.

“He lost his ears and half his chin was clawed off. His face was so badly damaged we could not identify him. We are extremely worried about his future,” said an eye witness from Matupi.

The attack by the bear took place in the jungle when the yams were being collected along with his wife and parents-in-law. Suddenly he screamed and his wife ran to her husband but by then the damage was done.

He was carried from Tangku village and admitted to Matupi civil hospital at midnight the same day but the authorities of Matupi hospital referred him to Mandalay, the second capital of Burma.

“He is still alive. I am worried about his future and that of his family,” said Salai Ro Kung from Matupi.

Most people from rural areas of Chin state struggling for survival look for elephant foot yam tuber, orchid and wild rare species in the jungle. A research suggests that Chin state remains the poorest state among 14 regions and states in Burma.


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