Family World Provides Blankets and Mosquito Nets to IDPs in Paletwa


Villagers displaced from the conflict in Chin State’s Paletwa received blankets and mosquito nets from a local non-governmental organization (NGO).

Ko Saw Pai, from Family World, told Khonumthung News that internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Paletwa town were allowed to choose between a blanket, mosquito net, flashlight or bamboo mat. With frigid weather approaching, most chose blankets. When they fled their homes during Burma Army offenses or from fighting with Arakan Army (AA), most couldn’t bring anything with them, Ko Saw Pai explained.

“While we want to help everyone, this time we can only help 614 families,” he said. The NGO started donating supplies on Tuesday, November 17. To date, nearly half of the more than 900 IDPs living in the camps have received assistance.

Over 4,800 live in Paletwa. In Sami town, there are 3,300. There are over 500 in Meezar village and 200 in Seint Sin village.

Hawi Tin, a parliamentarian in Paletwa Township, told Khonumthung News, that the government will provide warm clothing to IDPs this month. “I discussed it with the Chin State chief minister and minister of social affairs. There are almost 10,000 IDPs in Paletwa who fled clashes. Now that winter is coming, they need warm clothes. Especially children.”

Family World offers child protection, disaster relief and education in Paletwa, Hakha and Yangon.


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