Falam town will get electricity within 100 days


U Phyi Zin Thun, Union Minister of power and electricity said that Falam town will be provided efficient electricity through greater power supply within 100 days on 3rd May 2016.


When Pu Za Hlei Thang from constituency no. 4 in Chin state, raised a question that ‘why Falam town was not supplied greater electricity till today, though power and electricity department had promised to work out in 2014-2015’, the Minister said the above statement on 3rd May at National Parliament meeting in Chin state.


He continued that the reasons of not work out the project in 2015 are because of floods, landslides, problem of transportation and falling electric poles in Chin state. At the same time, the reconstruction these damages also took time and it delayed all the work. Then, the project cannot finish in time.


However, the 66 KV of Hakha-Falam power line has done 99.23% and 66 KV of Falam power supply station has done 100% now, so that within 100 days Falam town will get efficient electricity, he added.


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