Falam- Rih road construction begins by FSDA


The Falam Social Development Association (FSDA) has commenced construction of a road between Falam town and Rih Sub-township in Falam Township, Chin state, near the Indo- Burma border as of 18 January.

The inauguration for the construction of the road was held on 18 January in Rih. Mr. Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin state and Mr. Ngun San Aung, Transport and Construction Minister attended the inauguration.

The construction of the road has been started on a self help basis by FSDA. The Chief Minister of the Chin state government promised during the inauguration service that his government will lend all support.

Two bull dozers were made available to FSDA authorities for road construction on a volunteer system by Mr. Khuangluai. The construction company has hired two drivers on a monthly pay of 2, 50,000 Kyats per head.

The funds for the construction of the road will be collected on a donation basis from Chin people inside and outside the state by the FSDA, said Mr. Khuangluai.

The road construction authorities are extending the new road by 24 feet over the earlier road. It plans to hire one more bull dozer to complete the construction, if they get funds from residents inside and outside Chin state, said Mr. Khuangluai.

The Falam Social Development Association was formed comprising local Chin people, experts and town elders in Falam town of Chin state in December 2011. Khonumthung news


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