Explosion outside CNF liaison office in Tidim




Reports from Tidim town said that an explosion occurred in front of the Chin National Front (CNF) liaison office at 8:30 pm on 27 March.


However, there was no damage or casualties and it is suspected that some nationalists could be involved, upset over the Myanmar census in 2014.

“The reason could be that the CNF wants to add ‘Chin’ before a person’s name in the census, but some local people cannot accept it,” said a local in Tidim town.


Although the government records 53 tribes of Chin, the Zomi (Tidim) tribe is not included. For that matter Zomi people have demand that “other” be added instead of “Chin” before a person’s name in the census records.


In 2013, the second Chin National conference had agreed to add Chin codes 401 in the census.



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