Examination timetable mixed up


There was a mix up in the History and Geography timetable by the school authorities for class VII where examinations were scheduled for the last day of the final examination of Matupi high school of southern Chin state, Burma.

On 27 February the authorities suddenly changed the timetable with History in the morning and Geography in the evening although in the original timetable it was exactly the opposite.

“The teachers distributed Geography question papers in the morning session and history in the evening inconveniencing students, ” said a local from Matupi.

The authorities of Matupi’s educational officers were blamed by local people. They felt that action should be taken against Matupi’s educational officers immediately, said U Zawngruh, a parent of a student.

Education for No.1 and 2 Basic High School of Matupi is undertaken in an indisciplined manner by the school authority. School students usually get low marks. But some students who had sought transfers to different schools were getting higher marks, said a local.

The local people alleged that corruption was rampant in the Matupi education department.


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