ENDP urges government to create new township and sub-township.


The Ethnic National Development Party (ENDP) has urged the central government to create a new township and sub-township under the Chin state administration for the development of the state.

The 54th Chin National Day statement by the ENDP says that the state administration should create a new township and sub-Township on the basis of one language, literature and tribe and it should come under one administration.

The ENDP statement welcomed a discussion between Mr. Thein Sein’s government and Daw Aung San Su Kyi to free all political prisoners, allowing the media freedom and go for ceasefire with all ethnic armed groups including the Chin National front (CNF). The statement also urged the government to release the remaining political prisoners and start a genuine peace process with ethnic armed groups expeditiously.

The ENDP was formed for a liberated area for Mara people by dividing three township administrations such as Matupi, Than Tlang and Paletwa Township in Chin state.

Mara People’s Party was formed by Mara people and it had a Hlawttaw representative in the 1990 general elections in Burma. The newly formed ENDP won a state Hlawttaw seat in the 2010 election.

Presently, nine townships and three sub-townships have been created by the Chin state administration. The sub-township issue is being studied for Paletwa Township during the latest trip of Mr. Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin state. Khonumthung news


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