Emergency announcement for Delhi Chin refugees


The executive committee of the Chin Refugees Committee (CRC) based in New Delhi the capital of India, made an emergency announcement yesterday for the security of community members. 

Three Chin women and a man were attacked by local Indian youths and the local police arrested one of the attackers on November 3. The local people from Budella village of Vikaspuri district, New Delhi were displeased with the arrest. So the CRC is concerned about the security of the Chins in the area.

“Some local Indians want to drive out the Burmese refugees staying in Budella village, but others do not want it, so there is disagreement among local people,” said Mr. Run Sum Sin, Coordinator of CRC.

A restricted time has been suggested for the movement of community members, which is from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. for their security in the CRC announcement, because the local people from Budella and Hastal village could disturb the Burmese refugees.

The announcement also states that refugees are not to go out alone even during day time in the restricted areas. It also said that refugees are not to go around in a drunken state and not drink in the restricted areas.

Most Chin refugees are located in Vikaspuri, Hastal, Aslatpur, Jeevan Park and Sitapuri villages. The Chin Refugee Committee (CRC) estimated that 10,500 Chin refuges live in New Delhi. – Khonumthung News



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