Eligible Voters Decreases in Chin State


The Chin State Election Commission (EC) found that the number of voters registered for the 2020 election has decreased since its first posting.

On October 1, it announced that 332,698 people could vote when the polls open in early November, compared with 342,137 during the first time it was posted. The numbers have dropped by 9,439 voters.

Lin Kyaw, who’s secretary of Chin State EC, told Khonumthung News that since the first posting some people have died or gone abroad and this, as well as other factors, led to a reduction in overall numbers.

Voters are advised to check their information, which will be available in their wards by October 14. If any information is incorrect, Lin Kyaw explained that it can be rectified by completing form-3 and form-4.

“At least one person from each household needs to check their names on the eligible voter list. If they can’t come to check their name in person, they can call the call center,” he told Khonumthung News. They can also confirm using the Viber messaging service, including requesting form-3 and form-4 if their information is incorrect.

In Chin State, there are nine townships in four districts. According to EC, there will be 1,114 polling stations across the state when the polls open on November 8.


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