Eleven Chin nationals driven out of Mizoram


Eleven members of seven households were driven out to Chin state, Burma from Ngur village, Champhai district of Mizoram state, northeast India by village authorities on 26 August.

The repatriated families were involved in local wine production and felling trees from forest reserve areas to make charcoal for family income. The local authorities repatriated them to Chin state, said a local from Champhai.

“The charcoal was made in the restricted areas. They used to make wine illegally, so the local authorities drove them out,” said a local.

The local authorities had warned the Chin families staying in Ngur village to stop production of local wine and cutting trees for making charcoal from the restricted areas.

Some of the repatriated families were stranded in Champhai town of Champhai district while most families had gone back to Chin state, Burma.

Chin people living in Mizoram have been accused by local people of being involved in local wine factories illegally in the state. when the authorities of Mizoram have declared it as a dry state.

“Mostly Burmese people staying in Mizoram do not get proper wages in jobs in the state, so they look for ways to earn money. That is why most Chin people have been involved in local wine factories of Mizoram” said a Burmese from Mizoram. – Khonumthung News



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