Eleven Candidates Contesting Post for Sagaing Region Chin Ethnic Affairs Minister


A total of eleven electoral candidates are vying for Minister of Chin Ethnic Affairs of Sagaing Region during the 2020 general election.

Ler Thang Cum told Khonumthung News he’s contesting the post as an independent candidate to be a voice for the people. “We need a link between the government and our Chin people, and I will fill that gap.” They’re apprehensive about speaking directly to government officials, he said, and “why they have lost their basic rights.”

“We’re very close to our Chin people; we know what they really need.”

Election candidates from seven parties and four independent candidates are registered with the Sagaing Region Election Commission.

The independent candidates are Ler Thang Cum, Tong Lem Thang, Bun Zanang and Bwel Nauk. The other candidates are San Thawng Thang, Chin National League for Democracy; Mang Kwer Hong, United Democratic Party; Ler Yin Mon, National League for Democracy; San Ra Ouk, National Unity Party; Thang Sel Yar, Union Solidarity and Development Party; Dr. Gin Hel Liang, National Political Democratic Party; and Ler Bwi Beik, Union Betterment Party.

U GS Mang, with Area Peace Development Forward, welcomed all the candidates. “Eleven want to work for the Chin people in Sagaing Region. It means we’re seeing political development for our people, and I think it’s good.”

“We can expect that electoral candidates will promote the national identity and character of Chin people.”

At the time of the press, it’s unclear how many candidates will compete for Minister of Chin Ethnic Affairs of neighboring Magwe Region and Rakhine State.

For the 2020 general election, there are 173,997 Chin registered to vote in Sagaing Region. Most are in Kalay Township, where there are 131,359 registered for polling on November 8.


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