Electricity supply worsens in Chin state capital


7 June 2011: The woes of the people of Chin state has only worsened with the new government coming to power in Hakha, the capital. Electricity supply to the state has become woeful compared to earlier, said Mr. Van Lian, Chairman of Chin state National League for Democracy.

Mr. Van Lian told Khonumthung that the electricity department only supplies power for three hours in two days at a time. Nearby ministerial officials and block of civilians are treated differently.

“Ministers and officials are supplied electricity as they are very important people. Others have to fall back on candle light. So, the power situation has worsened from before” said Mr. Van Lian.

But the authorities collect Kyat 1000 for meter boxes per household despite irregular power supply in the city.

“Electricity charges are Kyat 300 per month, but we pay Kyat 1000 as meter box control fee per household. So we spend more as meter box control fee than monthly electric bills” said Van Lian.

The local people had hoped that electricity supply will improve in the city after the appointment of the Chin state Chief Minister Mr. Hung Ngai, but now the local people are disappointed with the new government. – Khonumthung News


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