Electoral Candidates Submit Expense Reports On Time


The Chin State Election Commission (EC) reported that all candidates who competed in the recent race submitted their expense reports on deadline.

Because of the conflict in Paletwa Township, electoral candidates in this region had to take photos of their reports and send by Viber phone messaging, according to the Matupi District EC.

Min Aung Shein, EC secretary for the district, told Khonumthung News despite the obstacles they faced, everyone got it on time. “We printed them out, checked their expenses for the election campaign and everything is fine.”

According to Burma’s election law, a candidate can spend up to 10 million kyats ($7,350) for campaigning. But they must submit their expenditure report within 30 days of the election. Failure to do so could result in being prevented from running in future races.

There were 171 candidates from 11 parties and independently who contested the recent election in Chin State.

The incumbent party, the National League for Democracy, won 36 out of 39 constituencies in the state.


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