Eighty lakh Kyats misappropriated by electric department officer


Pu Thawng Mun Mang, Manager of Matupi’s Electric Department is alleged to have misappropriated funds to the tune of 80 lakh Kyats, the budget for the electric department, sanctioned by the central government for Matupi Town, the second capital of Chin state, Burma.

About 80,000 Kyats were provided by the central government for each meter box and the government also sanctioned 80 lakh Kyats for electric poles in Matupi.

“Pu Thawng Mun Mang sold meter boxes for 1,50,000 Kyats each. Electric pillars were carried by the staffs of the electric department and then the money was misappropriated,” alleged a staff of Matupi’s electric department.

Pu Za Ding and Pu Lian Luai appointed by the central government in Rizua sub- Township had a nexus with Pu Thawng Mun Mang in Matupi.

“A television set was presented to Pu Za Ding responsible in Matupi’s electric department by the Pu Thawng,” said a local.

The wife of Pu Thawng Mun Mang has been attending the electric department office following an understanding on behalf of Pu Thawng.

Elephant foot yams, bananas, tomatoes and other vegetables have been planted in the electric department office compound by the staffs for Pu Thawng Mun Mang’s family. Khonumthung news


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