Eight AK-56 rifles seized from three Chin gun runners


22 June 2011: Three gun runners from Chin state, Burma were arrested with eight types of AK-56 assault rifles by the Megahalaya police in the northeast state of India on 18 June at around 9 p.m. local time.

IANS, the news agency, reported that along with the rifles, eight magazines were also found in a compartment under the seat of a white vehicle by Lad Umroi police of Ri Bhoi Township, around 15 kilometers from Shillong, the capital of Megahalaya state.

The arrested were identified as Lalchawisanga Zahau (45), CL Hlura (47) and Lallawmzuala (34). They were transporting the arms through Tio village of No-2, Indo-Burma trade road by a jeep coming from central Burma.

The arms were believed to be meant for supply to the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), a rebel group in northeast India, the report said.

Indian intelligence agencies also confirmed that the gun runners from Burma have been supplying arms and ammunition to rebel groups of northeast India using the route through Shillong.

The investigative agencies have found that a captain of the Burmese rebel group the Chin National Army (CNA) – TialkulhThang, was actively involved in arms smuggling from Mandalay second capital of Burma, and that he and his group had been using Shillong as a route to supply arms to insurgent groups in Northeast India.

But, Chin National Army officials refused to take the responsibility as Tialkulhthang was expelled in 1993 from the group as he refused to obey rules and regulations of the CNA.

“We (Chin National Army) reiterate that we are not involved in any action against India, we really are not aware of the activities of Tialkulhthang,” said a CNA official. – Khonumthung News


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