Dr. Sasa donates 1000 bags of rice to flood-affected people in Rakhai and Chin state again


Dr. Sasa


Dr. Sasa, who is working in the field of Chin education and health for Chin state, has donated 500 bags of rice, 500 Kgs of cooking oil, 500 Kgs of dal and 500 Kgs of salt for flood-affected people Chin state.

In the mean time, he has purchased the same amount of rice, cooking oil, dal and salt for flood-victims in southern Chin state from Assam northeast state of India, which have to be distributed in September 2015.


“Now we are distributing Clean Delivery Kits for pregnant women among flood-affected people in Chin state, and are trying to reach out these kits within September 2015 to local residents,” said Dr. Sasa to Khonumthung News.


The total donation amount of flood-affected people is only USD 24 million, contributed by inside and international communities for 20 millions of people in Myanmar, which will cover their 2 months livelihoods. In fact, the flood-victims need at least 200 million dollars for their 10 months livelihoods and 300 million dollars for restoring their families, he added.


Dr. Sasa, therefore, we will seek the aid 300 million dollars for flood victims in Myanmar to WFP, WHO, UNICEF and UN Agencies in EU, UK, US, Canada, Japan and Australia by sending DATA of flood-affected people in Myanmar urgently.


“Without solving this disaster, November election will not be free and fair. It is very important and urgency to get DATA of flood-victims in Myanmar now,” he said.


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