Dozens of Homes Damaged in Matupi Storm


By Larnun – Around 70 homes and religious buildings were damaged last week when a heavy rainstorm hit Matupi Township in southern Chin State.

The storm occurred at around 11:00 p.m. on March 31. Thirteen of the damaged houses were in Matupi’s Lawng Bang ward, five in Sang Bawng ward, two in Khobwe, and two in Ngalar.

According to Salawng, the administrator of Ngalar ward, a church also collapsed.

“The wind was so strong. I have never had this kind of experience. I thought it was like a Nargis storm that was hitting us,” he told Khonumthung, referring to the devastating Cyclone Nargis, which struck southern Burma in 2008.

“Some people were afraid and cried out. Barns were also damaged—all the animals fled. The owners are still looking for their animals now. Luckily, nobody was killed,” Salawng explained.

The storm also hit more rural areas of Matupi Township.

In Ngalai village, eight houses and two churches were damaged, along with two schools. Four homes also lost their roofs.

Twelve homes and two government staff housing buildings were damaged in Permai village.

In Lon Ngoe village eight houses were affected, along with six in Cheng Pyan, and one in the community of Balay.

In two villages in northern Chin State’s Tonzang Township, eighteen houses and three churches were reportedly damaged in the storm as well.


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