Domestic animal traders to be penalized by Chin state


Traders facing money extortion

Chin state authorities have begun to penalize people transporting domestic animals from Chin state to Mizoram, the northeast state of India.

“Thantlang township policemen arrested a trader and confiscated 14 bulls from Khuapi village, Hakha town in July. The trader was not granted bail by the authorities in Sagaing division,” said, a bull trader in Hakha town.


He said that farmers in Sagaing division have requested authorities to stop trading in domestic animals to India, so the authorities have initiated action.


“Many farmers face problems in farming as domestic animal traders purchase their local bulls. They have reported it to the concerned authorities keeping in mind their future,” said a local farmer in Kalemyo.


Local people in Kalay, Tamu and Gangaw are mainly dependant on their domestic animals, especially on bulls for farming.


Bull traders purchase Indian bull, mixed-bull and Burma bull in Sagaing and Makui divisions, and then export it to Aizawl, Champhai, Lawngtlai and Saiha in Mizoram state.


“Normally 200 bulls are dispatched to Mizoram state, which are from Kalemyo, Sangain division and Gangaw, Makui division,” he added.


People in Mizoram purchase bulls from Myanmar. If the export is stopped it will affect them directly. The quantity of beef is going down in Lawngtlai and Saiha, but people in Aizawl can still avail a limited number of bulls from the plains areas in other states for Lawngtlai district, Mizoram state.


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