District police files lawsuit on four leaders of women and youth




Mindat district police officer, U Aung Myint has filed a lawsuit against four leaders of Matupi Women’s Organization and Youth Organization for arranging a demonstration for ‘Women and Children’s Protection’ on June 24  in Matupi town. “We were called by the district police officer on June 25, and were at his office from noon to 5pm. He said he had filed a case based on Article 18 as was his duty. But there was no charges framed by other laws, as under the military regime,” Khin Thluai, Chairman of the Women’s Organization, told Khonumthung News.

Public demonstration is very rare in Chin state compared to other states, so the Chief Minister of Chin state likes to avoid demonstrations, she added.


A demonstration for women’s and children’s protection is not permitted by township authorities. Therefore, leaders of the demonstration, Pi Khin Thluai Parl, Chairman of Matupi women’s group, Mai Thang Zing, Salai Maung Han and Salai Te Mang of the youth group face a lawsuit.


“This is their duty. I think the case will be withdraw soon and the district police officer and the township police officer were very frank and polite,” said the chairman of the women’s organization.


Meanwhile, a local woman said, “We were worried about our mothers and uncles as we did not know whether they were jailed. So we waited from noon to 5 pm near the office, with about 300 people, till the four of them came out.”


The demonstration has been organized against a soldier, personnel No. 371850 under LIB (269) based in Rizua town, Matupi Township, Chin state, under the command of Colonel Aung Tu Win, for attempted rape of a Chin woman on June 10.


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