Dialogue for Chin community in Chin state


A community development dialogue programme was conducted by the Network for Chin Community Development (NCCD) in Teddim Township, northern Chin state, Myanmar in the last week of this month.

The community development dialogue programme was organized between 21 and 22 June 2013 in Nginte village of Teddim Township and 22 local people attended from 8 villages.

The development programme being carried out between local people and NCCD, the right to own land and its management, the process of Myanmar peace and reconciliation issues were discussed in the dialogue programme, said Salai Sitmon, an in-charge of NCCD’s programme.

“The discussion on the program focused mainly on the strong and weak points of the development program being carried out between the local people and the NCCD,” said Salai Sitmon.

The Network for Chin Community Development (NCCD) was founded in 2002 to empower the disenfranchised and exploited people of Chin State. The organization works in conjunction with other Chin civil society organizations to promote improvement of the lives of local people through development.

“We are mainly focussing on carrying out development programmes which are accepted by the local people in the projects and then the projects are carried out from the bottom up system” said Sitmon.

The dialogue on community development programme will be in central Chin state and southern Chin state by the NCCD.


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