Development proposals of state MP changed to questions


Thirteen development proposals of the Chin National Party (CNP) state MP Can Pum submitted to the Chin state government on 18 October were changed into questions by the Chairman of the state parliament.

The proposals do not oppose division and state parliamentary law article 112 and 113 and it was submitted in accordance with article 110.

“Thirteen proposals of the MP was changed into only questions,” said a member of CNP in Hakha.

In reply to a letter the parliamentary chairman said that the proposals will be very beneficial for people but it cannot be turned into reality under ingénue democracy.

The proposal deals with construction of a motor road, change town roads to black top, arrange blocks in town and village tract groups, district and extend townships, increase the number of school teachers, use local language up to the middle standard, to provide television and digging machines in various townships.

“It is a good sign, if things change towards people’s democracy. But it is not a normal proposal and therefore it had to be changed into questions in parliament. I think it was treated as a viewing question,” said an elderly person in Hakha town.

There has been no development work till date after the Chin state parliament was established.  “Most of the MPs have no particular work. Sometimes they go to office sometimes they do not,” said an employee at the state Assembly office.

Chin state’s regular parliament session will be begin from 8 November. – Khonumthung News




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