Dengue spreads among students in Kalaymyo


Many students in Kalaymyo, Sagaing region are suffering from Dengue. Most have taken leave from their schools.

Although there are no deaths yet from Dengue about 30 students are suffering from the disease in Kalaymyo. There is no action from the government yet. Dengue is witnessed in this season every year, said a local.

There are many patients in Kalaymyo Civil Hospital and some patients cannot afford treatment in the hospital and approach local pharmacists.

“Blood test charges are Ks. 13,000 and if tested positive Ks. 30,000 has to be spent for treatment to cure the disease within five days. If admitted to a hospital the expenses are higher. So, some are getting traditional treatment outside the hospital, said a local.

Meanwhile, an eye disease is also spreading in Kalaymyo.


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