COVID-19 Cases 23 And 113 Released From Tedim Hospital


This Thursday, Burma’s COVID-19 Case 23 and 113 were discharged from the hospital in Tedim in Chin State after both tested negative twice.

Chin State Health and Social Affairs Minister Pau Lum Ming Thang says while they’ve been released, they have to do a home quarantine for another seven days to be sure they have fully recovered. He says there are three patients with the virus staying at a quarantine facility in Tedim.

Case 23 is the mother of Burma’s first confirmed case. Case 113 also had contact with Case 1.

Of the three remaining COVID-19 patients at Tedim Public Hospital, Case 31 knew Case 1. The other patients, Case 200 and 201, recently returned from Malaysia.

In total, there have been ten confirmed cases in Chin State, while five have recovered after testing negative several times.

Case 182 and 232 are being treated at Hakha Public Hospital.

On June 12, the Ministry of Health and Sports reported 261 confirmed cases, while there were 6 deaths and 165 recoveries.

Photo Crd: Tedim Times


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