Constitutional Amendment Depends On The People


To build a genuine democratic federal union that will allow self-determination for ethnic people, U Lal Thuan Thang,Chin Affairs Minister for Sagaing region, called for the amendment of Myanmar’s 2008 Constitution.

People’s participation was vital for achieving this, the minister said during a speech at the 71st Chin National Day in Kalay. “We have to cooperate to amend the 2008 constitution for political equality and building a modern democratic federal union for the future for all ethnic people.”

Attempts to amend it in parliament by the ruling NLD party, led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, are underway. A joint preparation committee for a constitutional amendment was formed with 45 members.

During his speech, U Lal Thuan Thang said Chin need to maintain their culture and pride but warned against nationalist and partisan behavior, and idolizing leaders.


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