Concert of various Chin tribes in Malaysia early next year


A Chin Idol and Live Concert (CILC), with a Chin idol and various Chin tribes participating are due to be held at Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital early next year.

The concert is to be organized by the Chin Celebrity and Music Entertainment (CCME) between 13 and 14 January 2013.

Chin lady rock singer Mai Sung Tin Par, Thawn Kham, Cung Lian Thawng, Solomon Men Ri Hei and Mami Varte, a famous lady performer from Mizoram, India are also due to be invited.

“We (the Chin people) have local dialects, although we do not have a common language. We will conduct the concert with the idea of promoting a common language, the development of respective Chin state tribal areas, by those who have settled abroad,” Salai Van Biak Mang, the spokesperson of the CCME said.

Eighteen Chin singers would be selected from a pre-competition concert in Malaysia by CCME. The judge of the concert would also be invited along with Chin singers led by Pu Hnin Ceu Ling.

Besides, a Chin cultural fashion show would be held by the men and women participating in the concert, Salai Van Biak Mang said.

According to a survey, many Chin exiles stay in Malaysia and around 40,000 Chin people stay as refugees.


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