Computer training and libraries for Chin state high schools


Dr. Sa Sa, a Chin national, who is a doctorate from Armenia Medical College, will conduct training in computers and set up libraries for Chin state high school students of Burma.

The computers are being set up as part of the first phase in Lailenpi, Sabawngte village and Rizua high school, sub- Township in Matupi, Chin state, Pathen Tlang village high school in Paletwa Township, Hnaring village high school in Than Tlang township, Sakta and Surkhua village high school in Hakha township. Computers will be set up in No-1, high school in Matupi town, Sinletwa and Mica village high school in Paletwa Township in the next phase.

“We are focussing on high schools in rural areas. But, I do not know how many computers will be available,” said a field worker.

Dr. Sa Sa told Khonumthung that laptops and library infrastructure will be set up for all high schools in Chin state.

Dr. Sa Sa is receiving financial assistance annually for 10 students of Mara areas in Chin state, who have been getting high marks and distinctions in Mathematics for them to attend colleges and universities.

Besides, English speaking courses and basic medical training are being imparted by Dr. Sa Sa for around 300 Chin youths in Capi village in Saiha district, Mizoram state of northeast India since 2005-2006.

He plans to build a 50-bed hospital in Lailenpi Village in Matupi Township.


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