Community based Tourism starts with three villages in Chin state


Chin state Community Based Tourism (CBT) has been initiated in three villages – Saw Luang in Kanpalet township, Ta Suan in Falam township, and Lai Lu in Tidim township for the first step, said by Salai Isaac Khin, Minister of power, municipal and industry at hotel Majesty in Kalaymyo on 22nd August 2016.

He said that foreigners can visit to Saw Luang village which is located at three miles from Khonumthung Mountain, highest mountain in Chin state, soon under the 100 days of project by new government.

“We can do this project for Saw Luang village within 100 days by working with Action Aid Myanmar and Forever Top Company. Now we had constructed some buildings for guests and they can take rest and relax there soon,” he said.

There are 30 houses in Saw Luang village which can reach within 15 minutes from Kanpalet town and most people are Cho tribe.

Ta Suan village is a home town of Capatin Chun Bik and it is a historical village closed with Manipur River. Similarly, Lai Lu village which is 3 miles away from Tidim town and is located nearby Manipur River, surrounded by Chin typical houses.


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