College authority expel Chin student for political issue


A report said that the authority of Union Ethnic Youths Development College in Ongtaw village, Sagaing town of Sagaing region had expelled Salai Nang Thun for related with political issue on 28 July from the college.

He said, “I have no connection with politics and nationalism, and I’m not a member of any political parties. I just used to write some comments about politics and other issues on Facebook using ‘Hnaphetmhinluhta’ account name. I think, it is just sharing my opinions to others. But they had charged me as involving in political activities,” to Khonumthung News.

The collage authority had already informed all 800 students from different ethnics must be free from political activity during academic period in the collage before.

“I’m very sad that I was expelled because of just writing some political comments on social media. It’s not the way of democracy, it’s a dictatorship system. I can’t accept the way they charged me as I’m a citizenship holder of this country and I should have my rights. There is no reason expelling a student whoever belongs other ethnic group or another. I can’t admit it,” he said.

In this regards, Myanmar Chin Student Union has made arrangement to meet the concern authority. Khonumthung News had failed to contact Daw Yi Yi Nyunt, Principal of the collage, through telephone as she can’t answer the call.

Salai Nang Thun is learning physics subject (major) in the Union Ethnic Youths Development College currently.


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